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Oct 10, 2014 It goes onto reddit, gets reposted a million times for ebin upvotes and karma and then wanders off onto facebook, twitter and 9gag (or Discord nowadays) until your.... Jun 12, 2018 A study of hundreds of millions of images from Reddit, 4chan, Gab, and ... and whether they were racist, hateful, funny, or something else.. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Launched by Christopher ... In a 2020 interview with Vice Media, several current or past moderators spoke about what they perceived as racist intent behind the site's management. ... He claims to have talked with both Harper-Mercer and Rodger on Reddit and.... Here's my take on 4chan vs. Reddit as someone that's used both of these sites for a while and loves both in different ways. I apologize for the wall of text, I'm tired.... Sep 23, 2020 Two years ago, Reddit had the internet's biggest QAnon problem. ... unnavigable threads of 4chan, and Reddit is where it found a new group of ... of what Reddit did to quell QAnon, whether it meant to or not: In March 2018,.... UPGRADE TO PRO. Spikey Rocket. Rocket science? Not a problem. Unlock Step-by-Step. WolframAlpha computational knowledge AI. vs It has different boards, but not just anyone can set up a board. They're loosely organized (/b/ is anything, /pol/ is politics and/or virulent racism, /vg/ is video games,... 538a28228e

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